Uliton Keys Cut to Order
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Uliton Keys Cut to Order

Genuine Ultion Keys

Please call us with your key number and we can get these for you

Your home is secured with a lock that has passed every security test. So, when it come to spare or replacement keys make sure you only use genuine Ultion keys. Counterfeits will damage your lock and invalidate guarantee.

If you don’t see the Ultion logo embossed on the key, don’t put it in your lock! It could break your lock entirely, invalidating your guarantee and leaving you stuck.

Ridges and countours are in precisely the right place to prevent you accidently triggering 'lock-down mode' which can happen with imitation keys. Lock-down mode is Ultion's unique anti-break-in feature that makes our locks more secure than any other.

For your security Ultion keys are only available from our Licensed Ultion Key Centres or, if there isn’t one nearby directly from us.


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