Perfect Pump 7000 - Submersimble Pump
Item Code: GB00271
£ 289.95
Varipump is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds
EVOLUTION AQUA PRO SUBMERSIBLE PUMP 5000 / 7000 / 10000 / 13000 / 16000
The Evolution Pro Dry submersible pump is designed with the idea of providing high capacity fully submersible water pumping fast, efficiently and as quietly as possible, the ceramic bearings and shaft provide a high quality reliable unit perfect for beginners and experts alike. These high capacity units deliver large pumping capacity in a small convenient and law wattage economical package. The Pro pumps are all incredibly easy to use and even easier to clean and maintain, delivered with 10m hose, fittings and housing key you will have everything you need to incorporate this unit into your setup. The specially designed impellor allows the unit to take particles up to 8mm in diameter and with the built in thermal overload function this unit can be left to do its magic for long periods of time. 
Use for fully submersible set ups 
Max flow rate ;- 5000 = 5000 litres P/H..... 7000 = 7000 litres P/H.... 10000 = 10000 litres P/H.... 13000 = 13000 litres P/H...…. 16000 = 16000 litres P/H
Thermal overload protection
Silent Operation and smooth running motors
Can be used with variable speed controllers for ideal flow regulation
Low Wottage
Quality highly reliable ceramic bearings and shaft
Head Height 1.85m
Capable of large delivery volumes
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