Devireg 130 Wall Mounted Dail Thermostat
Devireg 130 Wall Mounted Dail Thermostat
Item Code: 140F1010
£ 52.00
Floor Sensing Thermostat

Devireg 130 thermostat is a basic Devireg thermostat which also uses a floor sensor to monitor the floor temperature, the difference being that this has no timer or program facility.  The single dial on this Devireg 130 thermostat is used to control the temperature of the floor and also switches the system on and off.
The Devireg 130 thermostat is often used in rooms where another heating source is supplying the room heat, but you still want a warm floor.
This Devireg 130 thermostat ensures simple and precise control all types of indoor electrical floor heating including wooden floors, this thermostat can be used for both the total heating of your home or for single rooms.

The Devireg 130 thermostat is very simple to use with a light status indicator. When the light is red the floor is heating up, when the light is green the floor is at the correct temperature and when there is no light the thermostat is switched off.
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