EAZY Pod complete (inc 701pm airpump kit & 18w UV)
£ 595.00
EAZY Pod complete (inc 701pm airpump kit & 18w UV)



We are pleased to introduce our new Eazy Pod range from Evolution Aqua, the best of the best when it comes to pond filtration and this item is no different. We now supply the whole of the UK with aquatic products including the Eazy Pod complete which is a mechanical and biological filter system coming in a stylish but subtle grey or granite green perfect for blending into any room or garden. The filter uses K1 microfilters providing enhanced biological benefits even if you are only using the Pod as a waste filter. Able to filter out up to 10,000 litres this is an excellent home or medium sized set up.

Unlike most filters this Eazy Pod complete also comes with its own intergrated 18 Watt UVC in the inlet filter part of the filter, having this filter helps to get rid of 'green water' and provides a crystal clear and healthy water environment for your fish.

The Eazy pod is for use through pump fed installation only, this is where a pump supplies the water to the filter through the inlet pipe but gravity helps the water flow from the outlet pipe either via a waterfall or large diameter pipe.




  1. The filtration device on the Eazy Pod is second to none, starting with the inlet the pond water flows through the inlet and passes around the 18 Watt UVC system where the algae will then be exposed to the UV. 
  2. At the first stage of the filtration the water passes around the outer chamber passing through the stainless steel grill collecting the larger particals enabling them to settle in the bottom of the chamber floor.
  3. Following this the biological filtration takes place when the water makes its way through to the central chamber through the metal grill entering the mass of small K1 filter peices where the smaller biological particals are collected by them on the protected surface area within the filter pieces.
  4. Following the time in the K1 Media the clear water then overflows into the final section of the filter which is the inner return pipe and then out back into the pond.

cleaning the filter could not be easier with the supplied air pump which is able to pump 70 litres per minute will be used during the cleaning cycle to agitate the K1 media and free up any particles allowing the media to continue doing its job.





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