Eave Protection Tray
Eave Protection Tray
Item Code: EPS1
£ 2.80


Eave Protection Tray

1.5m In Length (black Only)

A support tray to ensure any underlay is not carried into the gutter, and prevents water ponding behind the fascia. Therefor reducing long term maintenance to the eaves of a building.

  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment situations.
  • Prevents ponding of water behind the fascia where underlay can sag betweenthe rafters.
  • Provides clear drainage point into gutter, directing water away from the underlay.
  • Easy to install and economic replacement for rotting underlay at eaves.

    If using profile tiles, our eave filler comb (Vermon comb) can be fitted directly onto the EaveTray.


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