Elements eMat Pro 150 Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 3.0 sqm 450 Watts
Elements eMat Pro 150 Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 3.0 sqm 450 Watts
Item Code: ELE1192
£ 123.77
Electric Underfloor Heating Mat For Concrete Sub Based Floors

Bring an element of luxury to any tiled surface with the eMat Pro 150. This self-adhesive heating mat is specifically designed for fast and efficient installation directly onto concrete sub-based floors with the negligible increase in floor height. The eMat Pro's twin conductor heating cable means there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving installation time and cost.
150watt per sqm thin self adhesive twin conductor heating mat for concrete floors.

Emat pro for Concrete Base Floors is a thin heating mat specifically designed to be installed within a tile adhesive layer. It evenly warms the floor surface eliminating the cold chill associated with hard floor surfaces. It is ideal for tiles on a Concrete Base floor and can be installed beneath other surfaces such as laminated floors and vinyl. Emat pro is a prefabricated, self adhesive matting with a thin heating cable pre fixed. It is an open mesh design allowing the tile adhesive to bond to an existing floor.
15 year manufacturers warranty

  • Self adhesive
  • Single connection point
  • Twin conductor
  • 3mm thin heating conductor
  • 150w Ideal for concrete floors
  • Please note the Emat pro requires a control unit. See Estat 760, 761, & 762.
  • Click here to download eMat pro instalation manual

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