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Want to take the stress out of fitting your new fascia, soffits and guttering, In and around the Barnsley area? With just one call we will come to your home measure and survey what products and equipment is needed, remove all of your old roofline products and dispose of it for you, We will then re-fit with new Fascia Boards, Soffits, Guttering, all to the highest standard by our approved installers. Afterwards all waste and rubbish will be removed and disposed of by ourselves. Click here to see some pictures of our installations and testimonials

For more information on the fitting services and locations we cover please contact us See below for a more detailed look at our installation service.
We Supply U Fit Ltd specialise in the replacement of fascia boards, soffits, and guttering, In and around Barnsley using BBA approved Upvc building plastics, with the majority of them coming with up to 20 year colour guarantee that will not decay over time or require painting.

Fascia Boards are fitted to your property predominantly to provide support for the last row of tiles and a fixing point for the gutters and also to protect the ends of the roofing joists from the weather.

Fascia boards come in a variety of different sizes, profiles, and colours to suite every installation we carry out. Due to expansion and contraction custom made joint trims provide a neat finish to both joints and fascia ends where required.

In some properties the end of the roofing joists may become perished over time due to water ingress or the premature rotting of the existing wooden fascias spreading through to the rafter ends. Should this be the case we cut away any rot and treat any bare edges, we then install a new piece of rafter and carefully re align it to provide a firm fixing point for the new fascias. (This is only noticeable when removing the old fascias and cannot been seen when over cladding)

Box end detail can often make or break the appearance of this part of the roofline which is why our approved installers, using larger boards, make the box end in one piece. This dramatically improves the look as well as preventing any chance of water ingress through any joins.

Beware of over cladding the wood

Unless removing the wooden fascias it is almost impossible to tell whether or not your existing fascias have started to rot. In the past we have removed wooden fascias and have found that the back of the board is rotten. This can be down to the build up of paint and fillers hiding any defects or perhaps in adequate roofing felt protection from above.

The point is that over cladding the wood is an easier job, and has a 'reduced cost' attraction. However In our experience over cladding is never the most economical solution and will inevitably end up a waste of money and will in the long run incur further costs to rectify what has been covered up.
Using ‘traditional Soffit Boards or tongue and groove Hollow Soffit Boards, We Supply U Fit Ltd can expertly install Soffits in a wide variety of styles and colours to match the fascia boards. Corners are mitred and matching trims are used to ensure a professional finish.

Ventilation options

We Supply U Fit Ltd offer a solution to this problem by using various ventilation systems depending on each installation requirements. Over fascia vents is the most commonly used system that also complies with the latest building regulations and his hidden from view. Another option is Continuous ventilation at eaves level

This method is achieved by ventilation applied to soffit area. Examples of this are 'strip ventilation' and circular or square ventilation grills. Other methods include pre vented soffit boards offered by many of the manufacturers. However one disadvantage of ventilating the roof space in the soffit area is that after time this highly visible area becomes a dust trap and attracts insects, this can spoil the cosmetic appearance of the roofline especially in single story buildings.

Eave Protection

The lack of support to the felt at the eaves end allows the felt to sag. This can allow any water finding its way underneath the tiles to collect and cause a problem known as ponding. Left undetected this water can discharge behind the fascia which causes premature wood rot and potential damage to ceilings.

The eave protection boards not only remove this problem by offering a rigid support to the felt underlay but it also bridges the gap between the fascia and the guttering. This minimises any streaking marks on the fascia board and helps keep it clean. Roofing tiles that have a profile to them present a means of access to your roof space for small birds and vermin. As well as causing damage to the roofing felt they can cause unwanted noise. This can be avoided by installing a vermin guard to effectively close this area off.
The gutters on most properties channel the rain water collected by your roof space away from your property normally into your drains or a soak away.

We Supply U Fit Ltd have a large range of different gutter styles, colours, and fittings to suit every installation. Whether you have a semi detached property and wish to change the style of your guttering to that of your neighbour or simply wish to match the style of your conservatory to ‘tie in’ with your property, we have the solution to suit. Every job we install guttering on we take several aspects in to account to provide optimum fall and cosmetic appearance. We will cut back the gutter to the nearest join so that the overall appearance is that it has been ‘made to measure’ for your property rather than having the look of being pieced together like a jigsaw.

If your property has nearby trees or even moss on your roof then it could cause the guttering on your property to become blocked. Blocked gutters can cause unwanted rainwater to potentially cause damage to your brickwork. Furthermore, left unattended, the blockage can get washed through to your soak away causing more expense having to get it cleared by professionals. The gutter guard can eliminate this by restricting what is allowed to enter the gutter channel.
We also supply and fit a complete range of UPVC Cladding products to suit your home. All Products carry the BBA certificate of approval and available in a wide range of designs, colours and styles. Our installation teams will replace old existing cladding or even fit new cladding where none existed before as a low maintenance option to protect and compliment your property. Whether it is Shiplap or tongue and groove style you require, our fitters will expertly fit the cladding with no visible fixings showing.
Dry Verge tiles are designed to provide a simple, secure method of mechanically fixing verge tiles to reduce the risk of damage caused by the wind uplift and water penetration, Whilst giving a neat and stepped effect. Our Dry Verge System has been designed to provide an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all of the long-term maintenance problems and costs associated with mortar bedding. The system is mortar-free and can be fixed in all weather conditions. Once fitted they are completely weatherproof and maintenance free.

Click here to see some pictures of our installations and testimonials

Also available in certain areas upvc windows, upvc doors, composit doors, patio doors, supply only or supplied and fitted at competitive prices..... please contact us for more information

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