Kessil H380 - Black
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Kessil H380 - Black

Kessil 90W H380 Spectral Halo II Grow Light Review

In general, Kessil is one of the leading manufacturers of the grow light in the open market. Now, this Kessil introduced the new grow light of Kessil 90W H380 Spectral Halo II Grow Light. This grow light is made using the innovative technology so without any doubt; it provides the unexpected output to you.

Most of the people avoid for using the LED grow light to grow the plat because of the cost. So, the Kessil has released this top-quality LED grow light at the standard rate in the market. So, if you are seeking the lower budget of the grow light, then buy this Kessil 90W H380 Spectral Halo II Grow Light.

Lightweight grow light:

Believe it or not, this is one of the small sizes of the grow light in the market but it provides the full spectrum to you for greater plant growth. Not only that but also you can use this small size of the LED grow light in any small space of your indoors.

Moreover, this LED growing light holds with the 2 spectra of light such as extreme purple and extreme magenta. In these, the extreme purple is specially designed to use for the vegetative stage which means if your plant in the stage of growing the leaf, then use this extreme purple. It helps to grow the lush and the dark green leaf in your garden.

In case, if your plants are in the flowering stage, then use this extreme magenta. It will gently help to produce the huge amounts of flowers in your plants.

More output but less power:

As I said before, this grow light is made using the innovative technology so when comparing to the other, it gives the excellent output to you. But, it does not drink the high amount of energy to perform. So, if you buy this grow light, then you don’t need to pay a high amount of the electricity bill.

Whom is this product designed for?

Are you looking the smartest technology made of the LED grow light? But, if you expect to buy the very small size of the grow light, then this grow light suits for you. Anyone can handle this grow light easily. So, if the children in your home love to grow the plants in the indoor garden then purchase this grow light through the online or nearby the market and present this gift to them. Surely, they will be happy about you.

Great coverage:

Frankly say, this Kessil 90W H380 Spectral Halo II Grow Light does not cover a large amount of space in your garden. But, I’m damn sure if you buy this grow light, then surely, you can enjoy the decent coverage from it.


Moreover, it emits the light to your garden equally so with the help of it, you can enjoy the uniform growth of the plants.

Easy installation:

Most of the grow light does not allow you to use it as effortlessly but this Kessil 90W H380 Spectral Halo II Grow Light does not like the other which means it is quite simple to use. For that, you don’t need to get the experience of using this grow light.

For the easy installation, this company provides the manual guide so read it thoroughly and setup it. Moreover, it just takes only a few minutes of time to install. After that, you can start the growing process of your indoor plants.

Keep in your mind this grow light is particularly designed to use only indoor so don’t try to use it on outdoor.


  1. You can install this grow light simply.
  2. It is easy to handle both of the beginners and professionals.
  3. The small size is fit for any of the tight areas.
  4. This growing light increases the growth of the plant up to 50%.
  5. The LED technology made of this grow light does not consume more energy.
  6. The company provides the good warranty period for this grow light.


Independently adjustable LED channels allow users to set a preferred color while Kessil Logic™ ensures consistent coral growth across the tunable spectrum.


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