Disability Adaptions

Disabled people want to have the same level of independence as everyone else, that includes being able to drive their own car. That is why we supply and fit adaptions to help people from all walks of life regain the confidence and ability to go out by themselves, without having to rely on friends and family to provide transport.

We can fit a variety of adaptions to most vehicles, depending on the degree of disability allowing you to take back a part of your independance lost due to accident or illness. Below is some information about the common adaptions that we do.

Hand controls

Manufactured by Cowal Mobility Aids, these controls allow you to control the use of the accelerator and brake with either your left or right hand. Mainly fitted for people who are unable to use the pedals normaly, they still allow full use of the vehicle as the original pedals are fully functional and usable without removing the controls. Hand controls can be fitted on both manual and automatics, however, we would recommend using within an automatic as manual cars are more difficult to control while using hand controls. A steering ball can also be fitted to help.

Twin flip-up accelerator pedal

Also manufactured by Cowal Mobility Aids,twin flip-up accelerator pedal controls basically swap the accelerator pedal on an automatic from the right side of the brake pedal to the left side. Ideally suited for people who have lost the use of their right leg, the original pedal “flips up” under the dash while the new pedal is in use. When the original pedal is brought back down for another driver to use, the new pedal flips up under the dash to help prevent confusion and/or accidents. A surcharge may be payable on top of the fitted price to allow you to keep the original pedal or if it is an electronic pedal. This is however only available for automatic cars.

Infra-red controls

Manufactured by Lodgesons, these controls allow you to operate most of the standard electronic controls (wipers, indicators, lights, horn) through the touch of a button. Featuring a steering ball with attached button pad, a number of controls can be operated or cancelled easily. Operatable controls varies depending and system (5-way, 9-way or 12-way) and car. Later cars having more complicated systems may require more time to adapt due to computer control of systems. Fitted for people unable to use an arm due to accident or injury, the steering ball and pad are easily detached from the steering wheel allowing normal use of the vehicle as all switches remain fully functional as standard. These can be fitted to both manual and automatic vehicles but if the users are only able to effectively use one hand it is advised that the vehicle used is an automatic.

Most quotes available on request and we can advise on suitabilty if you are not sure what you need or could use.

If you are registered disabled then all adaptions are supplied and fitted VAT free. Proof of registration is required to prevent VAT fraud.